Youth Voice Matters Aberdeenshire March 2018 Issue 1


January – March 2018

This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with youth engagement, action and representation in Aberdeenshire. Updates are provided by youth practitioners and our members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, Year of Young People (YoYP18) Ambassadors, Aberdeenshire Youth Council, Community Youth Platforms and Specific Youth Issue/Interest Groups. 

Contents include updates from

  •  Year of Young People YOYP2018 Signature Events
  • Aberdeenshire MSYPs
  • Specific Interest Groups
  • New Scots Syrian Youth Group
  • Gypsy Travellers
  • Pupil participation Forum
  • Banchory Wheelers
  • Young People’s Participation & Campaigning Group (YPOC)
  • Year of Young People Ambassadors
  • LGBTQ+ Groups
  • Aberdeenshire Youth Forum (AYF) 
  • Banff Youth Platform
  • Mintlaw Youth Platform
  • Peterhead Youth Platform
  • Fraserburgh Youth Platform
  • Turriff Youth Platform
  • Alford Youth Platform
  • Ellon Youth Platform
  • Westhill Youth Platform
  • Kemnay Youth Platform
  • Inverurie Youth Platform
  • Insch Youth Platform
  • Meldrum Youth Platform
  • Aboyne Youth Platform
  • Banchory Youth Platform
  • Huntly Youth Platform
  • Mearns Youth Platform
  • Stonehaven Youth Platform
  • Portlethen Youth Platform
  • Aberdeenshire Youth Bank
  • Aberdeenshire Shadow Youth Management Team

Year of Young People #YOYP2018 Signature Events

Aberdeenshire has hosted two co-designed events in #YOYP2018 so far. The launch of #YOYP2018 in January and the Alford LGBTQ+ event in February. Critical to the success of these events has been the involvement of young people in shaping the event and making decisions around the programme, theme, the target audience, the ‘feel’ and ‘ look’ of the event.


Launch Event – 31st January 2018 at Haddo House


The first event was the launch event at Haddo which provided an excellent platform for our young people. The event was compered by 2 young people: our youth representative for gypsy travellers in Aberdeenshire and one of our MSYPs, also an ambassador for #YOYP2018.


Many young people performed at the event, showcasing the many talented young people in the shire. There was stilt walking and a fire performance by young people from Peterhead who engage with MODO, circus with purpose. Local young musicians performed at the event. A young piper, a classical guitarist, a local band and a young singer all had an opportunity to shine – and they did! Their performances were impressive and appreciated by those in attendance, our ambassadors and their families and supporters.





















Some of our Ambassadors with young people from Modo, the Provost Bill Howatson,

Chair of the ECS committee and Chief Executive Jim Savege


Ambassadors and family members said that the event was ‘exciting’ and ‘it was great to see so many talented young people’.




Alford LGBTQ+ Event – 26th February 2018 at Alford Community Campus


The LGBTQ+ event in Alford on the 26th February aimed to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness of LGBT issues. This event was led by the young people of the Alford LGBTQ+ group and involved young people and #YOYP2018 ambassadors from other schools in Aberdeenshire.









Aberdeenshire MSYPs supporting the Alford LGBTQ+ Event


Young people took on lead roles in planning, preparation, applying for funding and on the night activities: reception, activities with attendees and also two young people sat on the Q&A panel with representative from LGBT relevant organisations, including 4 pillars, SAMH, NHS Grampian and SYP.



This event was supported by Alford Academy pupil support and library.


Very positive feedback was noted on the evaluation board from the young people who attended.













Aberdeenshire’s MSYPs

While all of Aberdeenshire’s MSYPs were disappointed that the adverse weather postponed the last Sitting, they are excitedly awaiting their rescheduled Sitting in two weeks’ time. For this, MSYPs have been consulting their constituents on the upcoming motions and preparing to try and speak on behalf of local young people. One issue Emma Holmes MSYP found her constituents to be most vocal on is young people in the criminal justice system, so she is hoping to speak on that issue in particular.


Josh MacRae MSYP was privileged to co-host the YOYP2018 Launch Event with David Donaldson at Haddo House in January. Josh has also met with Gillian Martin MSP to discuss her online safety campaign and how the two can work together over the coming months.


As a representative for Kemnay Academy, Sasha Brydon MSYP attended a meeting of the Pupil Participation Forum in February, to bring forward ideas and discuss future plans. Sasha also chaired a meeting of delegates from the Central Aberdeenshire Youth Platforms in the Garioch Community Centre to plan a health and wellbeing event. Additionally, Sasha has been elected as Member-elect of the Youth Parliament for the North East Scotland and will be working very closely with the Aberdeenshire Youth Forum, as well as others across the region, in his duties which he is looking forward to taking up.


Sasha, Emma, Josh and Lauren McGill MSYP have attended meetings of the Aberdeenshire Youth Forum and local youth forums where they have been involved in discussions on local issues and the Year of Young People. MSYPs have worked to bring youth platforms and other local groups and bodies, such as Community Councils, closer together. Some issues which MSYPs have discussed with youth platforms in their respective constituencies include youth representation, political participation and the provision of local services.

MSYPs attending the LGBT awareness evening at Alford

From left to right: Josh MacRae, Sasha Brydon and Emma Holmes


In February, Emma sat on a panel for an LGBT awareness event at Alford Academy. There, Emma answered great questions on people’s lack of awareness on the issue, physical and mental health, coming out, and how we can help vulnerable young people.

She hopes to put what she heard from young people that night into action through trying to improve PSHE’s coverage of LGBT people.


To mark Women’s History Month and the centenary of some women getting the right to vote in the UK, Josh wrote his latest column in the Inverurie Academy Star on the theme of women’s rights. Additionally, Josh attended the Rock Challenge regional final in Aberdeen where two schools in his constituency – Turriff and Inverurie – placed second and third, respectively.


In March, Lauren spoke to around 100 15-16 year olds about the Right Here, Right Now campaign and how they can get involved. Following consultation in her Angus North and Mearns constituency, Lauren found that young people’s main priority during Brexit was young people’s rights in the workplace. Therefore, she focused her presentation on employment rights for young people and used resources from the campaign toolkit, on which MSYPs received training online. Lauren has also been updating her notice boards in the schools in her constituency regularly.


Towards the end of March, Lauren attended the Parent Council meeting at Mearns Academy where she spoke about period poverty and raised the profile of the campaign. She managed to secure some of the Equity funding Head teachers receive to go towards sanitary products which will be available in the school nurse’s office. Some constituents informed Lauren of their concerns regarding a route to school. At night, this area is not illuminated and can be intimidating for some young people to walk through in the dark evenings. Lauren has written to a local councillor about investigating the situation in the hope that some action will be taken to install street lights.


Josh will be attending the SYP Rights Review in Edinburgh on 18th April where he intends to speak about the need for greater political literacy among young people. To prepare for this, Josh has consulted constituents and is planning on doing some local work to promote political literacy in his sunny constituency of Aberdeenshire East.


Syrian New Scots

The young people who attend the group have been working on language skills based around employment words. The girls in the group applied for Youth Bank funding to run Syrian young women’s activities, they received £420.

The boys in the group have been involved in International football games against local young people.

Studio Valhalla applied to Youth bank for £500 to pay for a coach to Dundee University to go on a fact finding visit to Dee Con comic convention. The group aimed to inspire and empower younger members to volunteer at their own I-Con comic convention at the Garioch community centre in September.


Gypsy Travellers

The last few months have been very busy, and this year is shaping up to be a very active year for me as the Gypsy/Traveller representative on Aberdeenshire youth council.
I started off the year by representing the Gypsy/Traveller community at a holocaust commemoration event, talking about my own family’s losses in Auschwitz and also the importance of remembrance to young Travellers today. A few weeks later I helped to guide a delegate from the Government Equalities Unit around North Esk Park, and supported young Travellers there to tell their story of living in Aberdeenshire and the issues that they face. The weeks following that visit saw me attend many meetings to ensure that young Gypsy/Travellers were represented within decision making in Aberdeenshire. Advising on issues ranging from; education, healthcare and employment, to unauthorised encampments and cultural inclusion – I certainly talked the ear off many an elected member!

I presented to COSLA’s planning board about my experiences living on the road, and how councils can work with the Gypsy/Traveller community to make nomadism a better experience for everyone. Over the last few months I’ve met with the Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International and loads of journalists.
I have taken more trains than I can count, and have done my fair share of flying as well. February saw me fly to Birmingham to meet with other young Gypsy/Travellers to discuss hate crime and how we can best support our communities to report it. In March, I flew to Germany to support the Council of Europe create a training programme on the holocaust and contemporary human rights in Europe. We are expecting the training to be attended by over 400 young Gypsy, Roma and Travellers from across the EU! My last flight was to London to attend the Commonwealth Youth Activism Conference, I met so many incredible youth representatives from across the Commonwealth and learned how they advocate for their communities.
So lots of travelling, but above all the last few months have been characterised by phone calls…so many phone calls! Among these the most interesting being with Childline content managers and web designers to improve their inclusion and support of young Gypsy/Travellers across the UK. Lots of change coming on this front – so watch this space.
In saying that what is by far the most exciting thing to happen this year is the launch of Scotland’s first ever Gypsy/Traveller Youth Assembly!


A group of young Gypsy/Travellers from across the country launched the Assembly at Parliament and were given a warm welcome by Nicola Sturgeon during First Ministers Questions. The GTYA, supported by the charity Article 12, will act as spokespeople for all young Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland. We have already met with; Government Ministers, COSLA, the Government Equalities Unit and the Equal opportunities committee. Over the coming months I will ensure that young Gypsy/Travellers in Aberdeenshire are supported through the Assembly to have their voice present in all decision making; regional and national.


This year has been very productive, there has been so much happening for my community and I am looking forward to what the coming months bring.
What a great start to 2018 and the Year of Young People!”


Pupil Participation Forum

Aberdeenshire’s Pupil Participation Forum (PPF) have had two meetings in this period. As part of the Year of Young People theme of Enterprise and Regeneration work is underway on creating a film to highlight Entrepreneurship as a career pathway. Questions to ask during interviews with entrepreneurs have been created and invitations for Entrepreneurs to be interviewed have been sent out. A teacher from the Gordon Schools has also supported the PPF in how to use Imovie to create the final film. The aim will be to launch the film with the support of Opportunity North East at a later point in the year. The PPF have also finalised questions for an S3-6 pupil survey on Wellbeing. Once this is completed the PPF will use the data to inform the creation of a resource to support Wellbeing. Dementia Aware Aberdeenshire have also be working with the PPF on ideas for resources to help young people understand more about Dementia.

Banchory Wheelers

The group continues to meet on a Monday after school and have recently been exploring the possibility of going on a residential to incorporate visiting skateparks in other parts of Scotland. This would be dependent on getting funding, which a small sub group will look into. The group are being supported by a team of 4th years who are taking part in the Wood Foundations Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, by using the new skatepark charity as their sponsored project. The young wheelers have been filming themselves out and about and at the skatepark and after editing, this will be used by the 4th years in their YPI presentation. A meeting with Aberdeenshire council planners is scheduled for late April.



Young People’s Participating & Campaigning Group (YPOC)

We are the YPOC group and we are a group of Looked After Children or care experienced young people aged between 12 years and up.  There are around 10 to 12 of us who meet monthly at Inverurie Family Centre and discuss what is important to us and how to make things better for Looked After Children across Aberdeenshire. Our last campaign ‘Don’t’ judge we are no different to you’ was launched at Woodhill house and we presented it to full council too.  The DVD and guide that we produced have been given to all secondary schools in Aberdeenshire to be shown at PSE classes.  One of our members gave the presentation to different Assemblies in their school too.   This year we are working on a new campaign which is all about what it’s like coming into care and what could be better and also what people can do to help us when we have to move placements.  We have sent out questionnaires to all looked after children in Aberdeenshire aged 8 upwards about their experiences too and we are making a Guide about what has gone well, not so well and what we need when we come into care.

Members of the group are also helping the new Wellbeing team based in Peterhead, to design leaflets for children and young people to tell them all about the new service.

Please have a look at our previous campaigns using the link below




Aberdeenshire #YoYP2018 Ambassadors


Our #YOYP2018 Ambassadors have been busy working with other young people to make their ideas for year of young people a reality.

There 3 Ambassadors in Mearns have produced an information display board in the Mearns Community Campus library and delivered information Assemblies to all year groups within Mearns Academy, highlighting Year of the Young People Aims, themes and events going on around Aberdeenshire and what this means to them as Ambassadors. They have also been busy organising a Young Author Event to be held within Mearns Academy. This will consist of a Scottish young author being invited to Mearns to speak to S4 pupils about their journey to becoming an author, which will include a Q & A session. They are also currently exploring the idea and doing some research into a Computer skills peer education programme where S3/4 pupils will deliver a short computer skills programme to S1/S2’s and an Intergenerational Digital Café where senior members of the Mearns community will engage with and learn new computer/digital technology skills from S4/5 pupils. The Ambassadors are also supporting the MYF’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness evening.



Ava Simpson, one of the #YOYP2018 Ambassadors from Fraserburgh has given her report of what she has been up to “I chose to do my project at Fraserburgh North School as the majority of kids don’t get to take part in extra curricular activities for various reasons so I decided that it would be a great school to carry out this event in, I met with the head teacher Wendy Simpson to tell her about my idea, we agreed this would be better during school time so the children would get the chance to participate.  I organised for Stephen Summers from 6.1.0 dance academy, Claire Batty from CB coaching (football)and Kelly Green the actives schools coordinator to come into Fraserburgh North School and carry out workshops for the P4-7’s. I obtained a grant of £600 from Aberdeenshire Youth Bank to get stuff for the children. I gave free raffle tickets to the children for taking part and they could win prizes bought with the grant  2 scooters, a football, an air spinner, books and a cinema voucher. I held a design an Easter egg competition for the whole school(P1-7) to enter. I picked a winner from each class and two runners up. The winners each got a medal and a big Easter egg and the runners up got a medal and a bag of sweets.

Each child got a creme egg for participating.

At the end of all the workshops I held an assembly to the whole school to announce the winners of the design an Easter egg competition, draw the raffles, thank all those who helped make this possible and to talk about the year of young people. At the end of the assembly all of the P4-7’s were presented with a YOYP medal and a goodie bag filled with a water bottle, toothbrush and toothpaste”






LGBT Groups


Alford LGBTQ+

In the Year of the young people 2018 and as part of LGBT History month,                     (a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements) Alford LGBTQ+ young people, together with partners, planned an event for Aberdeenshire in Alford Campus.  Partners included School staff, Library, YP, NHS, Police, members of youth parliament, mental health charities Samh, Penumbra, DJ Bullock, transgender speakers and the Alford Youth Platform group.



Outcomes of the event were to;

* Allow LGBTQ+ young people the opportunity to meet others from across Aberdeenshire. Share experiences and gain knowledge from other services and adults.

* Recognise the positive impact of young people in Aberdeenshire and encourage them to take the lead in challenging all forms of prejudice and discrimination

* Give young people the chance to take part in discussions around LGBT+ issues

Make sure young people have the chance to understand the importance of mental health and resilience

* The opportunity to find out more about LGBT History month and #YOYP2018

* Learn about services relevant to the LGBT community

* Opportunity to meet others, participate in fun interactive icebreakers, games and activities.

* Identifying further opportunities in Aberdeenshire.


62 young people and over 30 adults attended with 14 academy networks represented. Young people attending were aged 12-22. One of the highlights of the event was an informative, interactional Question and Answer session. Young people were in a comfortable, welcoming setting in Alford Library which allowed them opportunities to be open and voice their questions, opinions and ideas. Young people and adults who attended reported feeling more informed and empowered and most importantly happy following this very successful event



Inverurie LGBTQ+ Group

Young people from the group attended the event in Alford for young people who identify or are allies of LGBTQ+.  The young people were inspired by this event and have started planning for their own similar event. They meet at lunch time on Fridays at the Garioch Centre

To find out more contact or call: 01467 539550



A few members of the Mearns group also attended the LGBT history Month event in Alford which was enjoyed by everyone.  The group found it a very informative, fun evening and have since completed an evaluation and had discussions about the event and how they can take some of the ideas they gained from it into their own school environment. They are currently looking into raising awareness of LGBT within Mearns in a more positive and engaging way.







Meldrum LGBTQ+ Group

Young people attend every week and discuss sexuality concerns and issues and provide support to each other. They are working on a presentation for the lower stages to promote the group, raise awareness and gain new members. The group attended the LGBTQ history event at Alford and were inspired and now want to organise

a similar event in Meldrum.

To find out more,contact or call 01467 539468




Aberdeenshire Youth Forum AYF

Since the beginning of the year youth representatives from local community youth platforms from all over Aberdeenshire and Year of Young People #yoyp2018 Ambassadors have been coming together as Aberdeenshire Youth Forum.25 young people met on Saturday the 27th January at Inverurie Town Hall, where they got to know each other and started planning for the signature #yoyp2018 events. They also met on Saturday the 17th March and provided updates on their representative groups and further co-designed the #yoyp2018 events.



The YOYP Big Meet-Up – 27th January 2018













Community Youth Platforms


North Aberdeenshire Youth Platform


Over the next term, all four Youth Platforms

From Banff, Huntly, Insch and Fraserburgh

are planning events for the Year of Youth People 2018, together with other Young People from across Aberdeenshire.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with the relevant contact for each area.


Turriff Youth Platform have completed a youth survey within the area and are collating the results. At current, they are playing an active role within their community by continuing to support the Aberdeenshire Youth Bank and their main focus is to plan a Year of the Young People Event that is due to take place later in the year.


Peterhead Youth Platform sessions are held during lunch times on a Monday and Wednesday and afterschool on a Wednesday from 3 till 4.30.  LGBT+ group is held on a Thursday lunchtime.

We will be starting a YOYP Young Promoters Scheme on the 9th of May for those interested in promoting film, theatre and dance events in partnership with  NEAT (North East Arts Touring) during our afterschool platform.

In March we held an animation workshop for young people to come along and take part in making short pieces of animation. A second session is planned in June to enable the young people to take part in editing and completing a

finished piece of work using clips they and other

young people in Aberdeenshire have created.




Central Aberdeenshire Youth Platforms


Kemnay Youth Voice made some changes to their structure after the Christmas holidays and became a closed group of young people interested in working together to create change in their community. The group is made up of young people from S1 upwards.


This term they took part in a mindfulness workshop run by staff and have used what they’ve learned to plan and deliver a mindfulness session at Kemnay Academy’s mental health event in March. The group will also be delivering the same workshop at Studio Valhalla’s I-con event as part of YOYP & at an open day at the Birley Bush Community garden in Kemnay in September.

Over the winter the group have also been making plans for personalising the youth work space in the Hut where they meet and work will continue on that over the next couple of months.


One of our members has been involved in Youth Bank and several attended the YOYP launch event at Haddo House and really enjoyed the buffet as well as the fantastic event.



Inverurie Youth Platform – The group have recorded questions to be used in an interactive App for the Bailies of Bennachie which will soon be available for people to download and learn more about the history of Bennachie.  The young people enjoyed getting involved and working with a community group and learnt about local history and gained media and communication skills.



Meldrum Youth Forum have been meeting weekly and over the past term the group have been involved with parents evenings, where they talk to others about the youth forum and what they have been up to. They are currently designing a presentation for the new S1 regarding social media and also made a short video clip for YOYP2018 regarding youth voice. The group have been busy attending YOYP2018 meetings and events recently; one of the members sang beautifully to close the launch of YOYP2018 event at Haddo





One event that Ellon Youth Action Group planned this term was their Easter Egg Hunt. They liaised with the National Autism Society as their charity of choice, and an Easter Egg Hunt was planned and organised around the school. Pupils gave a small donation to take part, with the proceeds donated to the local Ellon branch of NAS.  This was a great success and the group displayed great leadership skills and ability to promote autism awareness in an effective manner.

The numbers in this group are quite low, so they are keen to focus on re-inventing the group, its aims and objectives, promotion and recruitment of new members. They have spent time brainstorming ideas, and will be looking at establishing the group as a positive youth voice for Ellon.  This term we will also be participating in planning for #YOYP18 and look forward to being a part of the bigger picture and celebrating with other young people!


The Alford Youth platform attended the LGBTQ+ event and had a stall to promote the group. The resource boxes are now complete and ready to be used by groups and individuals in the campus. The young people have taken a break from the group for exam times. CLD staff will be looking for new members



South Aberdeenshire Youth Platforms


The February meeting of the Banchory Youth Platform, to take forward The Wheelers project, was attended by 9 of the wheelers group and our MSYP Emma Holmes, but unfortunately did not attract any newcomers. We are meantime looking again at how we encourage interest in the project.


Mearns Youth Forum have only met a few times during term 2, due to various reasons making it difficult to hold meetings. Although, 4 young people have joined the MYF this term bringing their membership to 15. The MYF have been busy organising their Health and Wellbeing festival arrangements: ‘Food For Thought’ which will run the duration of the Exam leave and involves an information display table about managing exam pressures and Mental Wellbeing, free pens/water/fruit pots/muffin for those sitting exams and delivery of some mindfulness lunchtime sessions. ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Evening’ will involve workshops, guest speakers and a market place for various charities/organisations to engage with parents and young people about Mental Health issues, how to spot the signs early, and offer ways in which to relieve stress/pressure in young people.

They have also been discussing various other issues concerning young people in the Mearns through the updates from other groups the MYF members are also involved with, for instance the Mearns LGBT Group, Pupil Participation Forum, Transport issues, MSYP updates, AYC updates and YoYP Ambassador updates.



Young people from Stonehaven Youth Platform have been exploring ideas to develop a project with older generations. They have met with the manager of a local care home to discuss reminiscence projects around music and photography.

They are currently involved with organising a “Boogie in the Library” event. Working with the Network Librarian and other partners, this dementia friendly disco is similar to those run across Aberdeen city and Shire where mature dancers can come along and dance, have fun and meet others. The Platform were keen to get involved to understand issues that older people face and break down barriers between generations.


Portlethen Youth Platform have started meeting on a weekly basis, the first meeting took place on 21st February, where eight young people attended, the numbers have increased to fourteen regular members. Young people have planned a social event for the current P7 cohort, to welcome them to Portlethen Academy in the Year of the Young People. They have submitted an application to fund their event to Aberdeenshire Youth Bank. Additionally the young people have been begun using the Place Standards tool to identify the issues for young people within their local community.



Aboyne Youth Platform was granted funding from Aberdeenshire Youth Bank to carry out two Pop up Café consultation/information evenings in Aboyne. The purpose of the consultation was to ask the wider community about the needs for a Community space where all members of the community could access and work on Intergenerational projects to close the gaps between generations in their community. The events were also used to raise awareness and keep informed the wider community of the existence of the Youth Platform; their purpose, involvement, updates, members and opportunities.

Two successful evenings were held and Aboyne Youth Forum members are in the process of collating all the information gathered on the evenings to then feedback to participants.


Details of all Youth Platforms
North Aberdeenshire Youth Platforms
Platform Meeting details Contact details
Huntly Lunchtime engagement

or call 01467 536753

Insch Tuesday night

or call 01467 537115

Mintlaw Wednesday


Tel 01467 535479

Peterhead Monday



3pm 4:30pm

Tel 01467 539031

Turriff Wednesday


Tel 01467 539307

Central Aberdeenshire Youth Platform
Alford Tuesday



Ellon Thursdays


Tel 01467 539307

Inverurie Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Tel 01467 539550

Kemnay Wednesday

7-8:45pm. or call 01467 534770
Meldrum Thursdays


Tel 01467 539468

Westhill or call 01467 537501.
South Aberdeenshire Youth Platforms
Aboyne Thursday

3.30 – 5pm

Tel 01467 537501

Banchory Thursday


Tel 01467 535663

Mearns Wednesday


Tel   07748180786

Portlethen Wednesday

7pm – 9pm

Tel 01467 537389

Stonehaven Tuesday from 3.15-4.45 in

The Library at Mackie Academy

Tel 01467 533296


Aberdeenshire Youth Bank


Aberdeenshire Youth Bank is an innovative grant-making and empowerment initiative run by young people for young people and is a unique way of involving young people in community activity. The Youthbank consists of young people from the North, South and Central areas of Aberdeenshire. They have completed a programme of training leading to the Introduction to Young People’s Grant making (IGM) qualification OCN Level 1 or 2 (SCQF level 4 or 5 one credit)




Since its establishment, Aberdeenshire Youth Bank has granted £14354 to various projects across the Shire.


If you are aged 12 to 25 or work/support young people in this age range, have a great idea for a project you may be eligible for a small grant. Aberdeenshire Youth Bank can help you, this initiative will fund lots of different groups. Examples range from band projects, Sexual Health projects, Raising Awareness around mental health issues, LGBTQ+ projects, community projects, Year of Young People celebrations, to name but a few.


Aberdeenshire Shadow Youth Management Team

On Monday the 12th March, 14 young people representing the diverse population of young people in Aberdeenshire met with the Chief Executive and Directors of Aberdeenshire council. This group of young people are representatives from Aberdeenshire Youth Forum and they aim to inform and influence developments on a range of matters. At the meeting they discussed transport and the transition to the digital age in terms of council services such as education.



Youth Voice Matters Aberdeenshire would like to thank all those individuals who have shown support to Aberdeenshire’s youth representatives and #yoyp2018 ambassadors over the period, by coming along and getting involved or contributing to the newsletter, such as Yvonne Squires – Police Volunteers Scotland, Laura Stewart – Children’s Rights S.W., Jennifer McRae – Gypsy Traveller Liaison Officer; Christine McLennan – Education Support Officer, Education and Learning.

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